Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Governing Board Surprise

Governing Board Meetings can be pretty predictable. Meetings, seminars, tours and lots of socializing in the halls of the hotel. The Detroit Governing Board started out that way. Many of our members got to visit the tall ship "Highlander Sea" and some were privileged to do some sailing.

On Thursday, that changed. All of a sudden, the hotel is filled with security personnel and at times the elevators are locked in place. Steve Erickson the D/16 photographer has a curious streak and decided to find out what was happening. Lo and behold, the Republican ticket of John McCain and Sarah Palin were entering the building and Steve captured the moment.

Be sure to join us in Anaheim for the 2009 Annual Meeting. We'll have a new president and vice president by then and who knows, they might pay us a visit.

Stormy Weather - Be Prepared

USPS member Phil Arcuni has been a long time resident of Key West and is accustomed to the annual storms which pass thru. The following is his latest message to family and friends.

Dear Family and Friends,

The storm is now about 150 miles SW of Key West at near CPA. We have Tropical Storm conditions since last evening, and expect them for another 24 hours. Rain not as heavy as the last two storms, but wind 30+ knots with gusts to over 50 kts.

We are doing fine, though house-bound. Damage in the yard is minimal so far. Boat is on a six-point moor in the center of the canal, and doing just fine. The little Boston Whaler is tied down upright and collecting rainwater for bathing if needed. If we have any storm surge, it is not noticeable. Perhaps there is some on the south side of the island. TV shows some pretty high waves over there. Power and other services are still working.

Mandatory evacuation to the mainland started early Sunday, and no one has been allowed back yet. Maybe tomorrow. I suspect that there is concern for any traffic in this cross wind on the 37 bridges.

Our plan to stay for the storms has worked out well. The house is strong, and we can get by without services for a week or more. We have a small generator for starters. The boat has a larger generator with lots of fuel, and we can backfeed power to the house.

Photos of boat and part of its mooring scheme are attached for those of you who might be interested. Note the chains around the davit base are for more than one boat. We have been through this drill many times in the last 20 years.

Best to all, Phil