Saturday, December 15, 2007

Letter from a soldier

Hi all

A soldier in Iraq sent the following message To Linda Colontrelle, the local Vero Beach lady who told VBPS member Laddie Kruiten about the program to send gift boxes to our brave soldiers. Laddie and her helpers mailed 85 boxes that were prepared by our members. These boxes will all be in soldier's hands before Christmas.

"Mrs. C., I wanted to write you a short note and let you know that the packages from Vero Beach Power Squadron have made their way to Baghdad. So far I've received over 40 boxes from people in your community. I distributed all of them to the soldiers in my unit and they love them. They particularly like the ones with the Christmas decorations in them. I will work on some thank you notes but please pass the word to the people that sent packages and let them know that the soldiers of the 1st Cavalry Division are very appreciative of their support. Support from home means so much, especially 13 months into the deployment. Take care and talk to you soon.


1LT Mark Erwin"

I know you are as proud of what we did as I am.

Bob McCurdy, Executive Officer
Vero Beach Power Squadron

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

2008 Clean Water Grants Program

From the USPS Environmental Committee:

BoatU.S. Foundation is now accepting applications for their 2008 Clean Water Grants Program. The Clean Water Grants program funds projects that encourage boaters to learn to love their waterways. They are looking for education projects that help boaters understand and appreciate their local boating habitat, as well as learn hands-on boating strategies that will keep the water and local habitat healthy and accessible for future boaters --- creative and innovative projects that teach boaters to reduce their impact on the waters they use for boating.

BoatUS Foundation will also grant funds to develop projects that help stop the spread of invasive species on local waterways.

Each year, the BoatU.S. Foundation awards local nonprofit volunteer organizations up to $4,000 for the promotion of clean boating education. Over the past 6 years the Foundation has awarded almost $100,000 to local community organizations, yacht clubs, flotillas and many of our squadrons! Topics can range from petroleum pollution prevention to pumpout education to keeping trash out of our waterways.

Think about the environmental issues that affect your local waterway.
Are there positive steps boaters can take to make the water cleaner?
How can they reduce their environmental impact?

The USPS Environmental Committee encourages your squadron to apply for a BoatU.S. Foundation Clean Water Grant: BoatU.S. has a grant writing guide and sample application on their website, and don’t hesitate to contact the USPS EnvCom for assistance.

The deadline for the 2008 Clean Water Grant Funding Cycle is February 1, 2008. The grants will be awarded in late April 2008.
Link to application: