Sunday, August 12, 2007

Swabbing the deck, setting sail

Local teens learn to boat on the Jolly Roger

Seventeen-year-old American Canyon resident Mike Brantley has a yen to sail. Thanks to the Jolly Roger Program, he will spend plenty of time on the water this summer.

The program is a side project of the Vallejo-based Carquinez Sail & Power Squadron, one of several Bay Area squadrons branching off from the largest national boat education organization in the country. The United States Power Squadrons teach the basics of boating, navigation, safety and boating regulations. The local chapter of the organization boasts approximately 90 members.

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The article was written & published by the Napa Valley Register in Napa, CA

Leadership Development Workshop - 2007


The National Planning Committee has conducted various surveys with EXPO attendees, with D/Cs and D/Planning Chairs, as well as directly with current and former members. A decline in effective leadership was of great concern to many. Squadron Committees on Nominations often have difficulty finding enthused leaders to fill bridge positions. Recycling of bridge members has become commonplace, as is filling bridge positions with inexperienced members. With a declining membership our pool of good leaders has continued to dwindle.

Good leaders increase morale and inspire while instilling in their members a strong desire to emulate past successes and forge new ones. A new Leadership Development Workshop was developed and used successfully in District 32 by D/C Herb Shaw, JN. This new LDW focuses on seeking and training selected members in the principles and actions of good to great leadership. The Leadership Development Committee (LDC) helped in reviewing the material. This results-orientated workshop is aimed at increasing squadron membership by developing, sustaining, and nurturing the leaders of USPS for today and tomorrow.

The first “Train the Trainer” workshop was held near Chicago, Illinois, on 2 – 3 June 2007. The primary trainer, Stf/C Herb Shaw, JN instructed three trainers, P/R/C Glenn Daughtridge, AP, D/C Arthur Kimber, SN, and Stf/C Robert Landeros, SN. They are now readying the LDW for the next phase. Districts will be asked to select qualified attendees for the regional weekend workshops to be held in Hartford, CT, Baltimore, MD, Atlanta, GA, Chicago, IL, and San Francisco, CA, which will begin on 22-23 September 2007.

A grant from the Century Fund was awarded to get the program started by paying for travel and lodging for the four trainers and all materials for district attendees. Districts and squadrons are being asked to bear the expense of their attendees.

D/C Arthur Kimber, SN; DMin, Cdr, D14, Hyannis, MA, 2006 Chapman winner, Educator, Senior Manager, Public and Non-profit programs

P/R/C Glenn Daughtridge, AP; D/27, Rocky Mount Squadron, North Carolina, Member, Benefits Committee, Keynote speaker and Trainer

D/C Robert Landeros, SN; PhD, D9, Kalamazoo Squadron, Michigan, Member, Instructor Development Committee, Professor of Management, Western Michigan University

Stf/C Herb Shaw, JN; MBA, D32, Beaverton Squadron, Oregon, Planning Committee, General Manager, GE Co., CEO of several publicly trades companies, successful Venture Capitalist, lecturer-U of Oregon, Workshop developer

Planning Committee