Tuesday, July 31, 2007

USPS partners with the Ocean Conservancy's International Coastal Cleanup

The USPS EnvCom encourages all squadrons to participate in this fall’s International Coastal Cleanup. The official date is 15 September, but events are scheduled from late August through October. Ocean Conservancy's International Coastal Cleanup is the largest and most successful volunteer event of its kind. Since 1986 thousands of volunteers from around the globe have cleared over 100 million pounds of trash from 170,000 miles of shorelines, rivers, lakes, and wetlands! This is an event in which both coastal and inland squadrons can make a difference. PLUS – events are also scheduled around the world.

Why participate?

  1. The success of this event depends on individuals like you.

  2. USPS boaters can reach areas not covered by the typical volunteers.

  3. Trash removed from the shore saves marine life.

  4. All marine debris comes from human activity.

  5. Be a steward in your community and meet new people (potential new members?).

  6. You will have a lot of fun!

Squadrons and districts may participate as a group, or individual members may register as volunteers. Registration is now open. The state and international coordinators are listed on the EnvCom web page.

Ocean Conservancy's International Coastal Cleanup isn't just about pollution cleanup — it's also about pollution prevention. The event focuses on educating and empowering people to become a part of the marine debris solution.

What makes the International Coastal Cleanup unique is its data collection component. Volunteers record specific types of marine debris being found, allowing Ocean Conservancy to compile, analyze and track this data year-by-year and make discoveries about the behaviors that cause the debris.

The final information is used to educate the public, business, industry, and government officials about the problem - understanding the problem is the key to finding long-lasting solutions.

For more information on this event, media kits, and promotional materials, check out the Cleanup Home Page: http://www.oceanconservancy.org/site/PageServer?pagename=press_icc

USPS EnvCom will recognize squadrons at the 2008 Annual Meeting for the following:

  • Largest Piece of Debris Recovered
  • Most Unusual Debris Recovered
  • Most Disgusting Debris Recovered
  • Funniest Debris Recovered
  • Most Participants (includes members, family, friends, pets – you document the connection – we count the participant)

1) one recognition for actual quantity

2) one recognition using percentage of active & family members

Members, officers, family, friends, and pets connected to any USPS squadron are eligible to participate. The recognition is not subject to any federal, state or local laws and regulations and is not prohibited by law or regulation. Participants agree to abide by the terms of these official rules and by the decisions of the EnvCom, which are final and binding on all matters pertaining to the recognition. The EnvCom reserves the right to disqualify any participant that it determines, in its sole discretion, is ineligible to participate, but can’t think of a particular example where that might occur at this time. EnvCom will select the judging panel. While EnvCom will make every effort to be fair, those squadrons providing significant amounts of hype, PR, and otherwise bringing recognition to the organization will most likely influence our decisions. Submission may be from any squadron member who is willing to take the time to fill out the form.

To qualify for recognition, the entry form on the EnvCom web page with accompanying documentation must be submitted to the EnvCom Chair no later than 30 November, 2007. Submissions may be electronic: (mailto:JLHamilton@MarathonOil.com, fax (713-296-4516), or by mail (661 Bering Drive, #201, Houston, TX 770957).

Monday, July 23, 2007

Holiday Marine of Leesburg Takes The Lead In Boater Safety

Safe boating is the responsibility of the boat operator, explains Patti Keister, co-owner of Holiday Marine. Sadly, in 2006 only 29% of operators & passengers involved in a boating accident were reported to be wearing a life jacket at the time of the accident according to Florida statistics. Holiday Marine’s mission has always been to be the Trusted Marine Dealer in the marine industry. We have always stressed the importance of safety to our customers. We will now go one important step further. Holiday Marine is partnering with the Harris Chain Sail & Power Squadron and covering the cost of the Boating Safety course for our new boat owners. Holiday Marine wants to offer our customers every opportunity to insure their safety and the safety of their passengers so they can have a fun and a safe boating experience on Florida’s waterways.

Holiday Marine is the 1st Retail boating dealer in Central Florida to partner with us, said Kerry Kline, Executive Officer of the Harris Chain Sail and Power Squadron. Including a boating safety course in their customer orientation program, places them well above the competition. Holiday’s customers will be joining our classes taking place the 2nd Saturday of each month in Leesburg. For more information contact www.HarrisChain.org.

Media questions contact:

Kerry Kline

Executive Officer/PR

Harris Chain Sail & Power Squadron


352-205-3830 Cell



Don & Patti Keister

Holiday Marine

1126 NORTH BLVD., E. HWY. 441




Sunday, July 22, 2007

USPS is going to Norfolk

Click below to learn about the upcoming EXPO, Seminars, and Governing Board in Norfolk, VA

USPS classroom and dockside educational activities on "The TODAY SHOW "on NBC


Article from the Today Show

The segment was recorded by NBC during a Boat Smart Class provided by Tres Rios Power Squadron (D/13) at Seal Beach Yacht Club, Long Beach and the Long Beach Marina on 19 May 2007 and was aired on 22 June 2007.

Darrell Allison United States Power Squadrons
Marketing/Public Relations Committee22 July 2007
(dallison@pacbell.net - 714-893-4455

Thursday, July 19, 2007

BSA-Sea Scout & USPS Partnership reflected in new VenturingCouncil Leader

At the BSA Annual Meeting last Friday in Atlanta Georgia, David George was introduced at the National Venturing Council President and turned over his insignia as national Sea Scout Boatswain to Doug Bowman. David is a member of Balboa Power Squadron and has the grade of “S.” Doug Bowman is the new Sea Scout National Boatswain and a newly appointed member of the Youth Activities Division of the Membership Committee. Doug is also a member of USPS and hails from Mountaineer Power Squadron in District 7. David has asked to remain on MemCom and both these young men will work with Stf/C Dana McRae, AP to keep us informed about Sea Scouts and USPS happenings. Together our organizations are partners in making the America’s Waterways boat safe and secure.

Congratulations to both these fine young Americans on their leadership appointments. They make USPS proud!


R/C Roberta L. Dougherty, AP

Membership Committee

United States Power Squadrons

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Friday, July 13, 2007


Today's boaters have a new tool to make their time on the water both more safe and more fun. The United States Power Squadrons'® (USPS®) Cooperative Charting Committee has made this possible by providing a Boating Guide to America that is available to everyone. The Boating Guide to America covers virtually every harbor and port-of-call in America and is accessible at www.usps.org. The content includes charts, photographs, port facilities, emergency services, things to do while in port, restaurants, anchorages, history and much more. This new tool employs the modern technology of the Internet, in partnership with Maptech® that provides the computer facilities and the software support, to supply current information for our boating pleasure which the users, boaters, keep relevant and up to date. This innovation is the latest in a long history of educational and community service activities that are the tradition of USPS and the Cooperative Charting Committee.

The Cooperative Charting Program, begun in 1963, is now administered cooperatively by the NOAA Office of Coast Survey and the national United States Power Squadrons Cooperative Charting Committee. The program is a major public service of USPS and it has been estimated that each year USPS contributes a value of service to the U.S. Government of $15 to $20 million. This program has been said to be the most effective user-participation program in all of the Federal services. A Memorandum of Agreement establishing the program has been updated several times and assures the program will continue to contribute to boating safety into the future.

Through Cooperative Charting, USPS members supply information to the NOAA Office of Coast Survey which publishes over 1000 nautical charts. This information contributes to the production of accurate and up to date charts and related publications. A recent joint innovation has led to improvements in reporting accuracy and utility of user provided information through an Internet website provided by the NOAA Office of Coast Survey using software developed by USPS.

Through the Cooperative Charting Program USPS members provide a variety of services in support of the nation's charting authorities. They supply information leading to corrections to nautical charts, small craft charts, and the Coast Pilot publications. USPS members also supply data from depth and range line surveys and inspections of aids to navigation. An Adopt-A-Chart subprogram allows individual squadrons to assume responsibility to keep information on a chart covering their local boating area up to date. Over the years, since the program's inception, it is estimated that the number of reports submitted by USPS members totals in the tens to hundreds of thousands.

Coast Survey acts as a clearing house for USPS boating related reports such as missing or unreliable aids to navigation which are maintained by the USCG, cable crossings which are monitored by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and corrections to other agencies' charts and maps such as the Defense Mapping Agency, Corps of Engineers, and others. In past years other parts of NOAA have requested similar services. One former activity allowed USPS members to assist with the preservation of geodetic control stations in the National Geodetic Reference System.

USPS - NOAA Workshop

Photo courtesy of P/R/C S. Patricia Governale

In addition to saving taxpayer dollars, USPS members save lives and property as well as further boating safety through the Cooperative Charting Program's efforts to improve the quality of the nation’s charts. USPS members act as volunteer field observers for NOAA and they are uniquely suited to this role because of the outstanding education and training they receive through the USPS educational program. Many of their reports are of a critical nature requiring immediate distribution through the Coast Guard's broadcasts and publication in the Local Notice to Mariners. Without these observations by USPS, many hazards would go undetected until they cause a tragic nautical mishap. For example, there are some areas, frequented by recreational boaters, that are only surveyed every 30 years by NOAA's Office of Coast Survey. The Cooperative Charting Program is a highly successful, continuing, public service effort dedicated to activities for the advancement of safety on the water for both the boating public and USPS members.

J. Robert Baechle - US Power Squadrons Marketing/PR Committee

D/5 Conducts Model Coop Charting Workshop

On May 5, 2007, in conjunction with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), United States Power Squadrons'® (USPS)® District 5 conducted a Cooperative Charting Workshop at the Atlantic Marine Center in Norfolk, VA. Classes covered various Cooperative Charting programs including depth surveys, range line surveys, Coast Pilot book updates, nautical chart updates, and small craft facility updates.

The Workshop featured depth surveys. Highlights were the availability of computers to permit participants to experience the use of the latest programs, such as Maptech's® Chart Navigator to create depth survey routes and Depth Wiz and CCWeb, to transfer files and to analyze data. In addition, small boats were available to permit the participants to get hands-on, on-the-water, training and experience with the latest equipment for conducting depth surveys and NOAA's survey launch was available to demonstrate their equipment at work.

The forty attendees were organized into five groups for participation in the lectures and demonstrations. The day began at 0745 and concluded at 1615. District five's Steve Leishman gave the presentations on submitting Small Craft Facilities, the Coastal Pilot, and Nautical Chart update reports. Bob Beltz spoke about survey route creation with Chart Navigator and Dan Patke demonstrated the transfer of data between the PC and the GPS. Boats for the on-the-water demonstrations were provided by the ODonnells and the Uries.

District Five has been holding Cooperative Charting Workshops for 31 years. This Year's Workshop was highly effective and could serve as a model for other Cooperative Charting Workshops both in terms of its content and its format.

J. Robert Baechle - US Power Squadrons Marketing/PR Committee
Photos courtesy of P/R/C S. Patricia Governale, SN