Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Squadron Inspires Sea Scouts

The actions of the Atlanta Sail & Power Squadron Executive Committee set an example for the Sea Scouts members of the squadron. The Sea Scouts following this example took action themselves. The rest of the story is contained in the following message.

Date: Nov 20, 2006 7:21 AM


From: Marilyn Washburn, Ship 22 Committee

The local Power Squadron has been wonderfully hospitable to our Sea Scouts, so when their ExComm decided to sponsor a toy drive for the children of deployed military personnel, our Scouts were excited about participating. I suggested to them that they issue a friendly challenge to the other Ships in our squadron, and was informed that my vision is too limited, that this is so important that all Sea Scouts should be invited to be a part of it. Thus chastened by the idealism and enthusiasm of our youth, I pass on to you the following Notice of Race:

Ship 22, SSS Sargasso, of Tucker, Georgia warmly invites you to compete in The First Annual, Nationwide, Virtual Toy Cup honoring active military personnel by delivering holiday toys and gifts to their children.

1) Rules: Most of the rules will be made up as we go, at least for this first year!

2) Race Management: Each Ship will manage its own toy and gift collection and delivery to the children of active military personnel, and is on its honor in reporting its results to the Toy Cup Committee.

3) Eligibility and Safety Requirements: All Sea Scout Ships are eligible to compete, and local adult leaders may enter as teams. Sea Scouts will follow the mandates of the Guide to Safe Scouting in their Toy Cup activities.

4) Divisions: the most toys and gifts by number, by weight, by volume, by approximate dollar value; the best publicity; the best photographs of the toy and gift drive; the broadest collaboration with other community agencies; the most creative toy and gift drive ideas; other divisions as suggested by participating Ships

5) Entry Process: notify the Toy Cup Committee off line at as soon as possible of your intent to compete; you will receive further instructions upon receipt of your declaration; all results are due on 12/31/06.

6) Prizes: certificates of participation will be sent to all participating Ships, and trophies will be sent to winning Ships in each division

Ladies and gentlemen: good luck and safe "sailing"!

The First Annual, Nationwide, Virtual Toy Cup Committee:

  • Rhiannon Price Boatswain, Ship 22
  • Caleb Atubeh, Able Sea Scout
  • John Washburn, Ordinary Sea Scout
  • Specialist Training Officers, Ship 22
  • Apprentice members, Atlanta Sail and Power Squadron

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

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Environmental Committee Grant Information

Each year BoatU.S. Foundation awards up to $4000 each to local nonprofit volunteer organizations for the promotion of clean boating projects & education. BoatU.S. Foundation is now accepting applications for the 2007 grants. The submission deadline is 1 February 2007.

Applications, grant writing guides, and simple instructions are available now on the BoatU.S. website at the link below - it is an easy process and BoatU.S. wants USPS squadrons to get these grants, so get your applications in soon!

If you'd like assistance from the EnvCom - just email the chair:

Friday, November 10, 2006

A letter from St. Paul Travelers

Dear U.S. Power Squadrons Member,

For the past 20 years, St. Paul Travelers has been U.S. Power Squadrons’ insurance provider. We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing our long and valued relationship.

For the members in coastal regions who were affected by the natural catastrophes of the past two years, St. Paul Travelers knew the first step in helping our boat and yacht policyholders was to get money in their hands. To date, nearly all USPS claims have been paid—a tribute to our staff who responded professionally and compassionately to the unprecedented disasters. St. Paul Travelers has been committed from day one to closing as many claims as fast as possible.

The hurricane disasters have also impacted insurance companies, and experts predict that severe storms will continue to increase. These predictions, coupled with the continually growing population in coastal areas, are presenting increased risks that insurance companies must consider in order to offer coverage options for policyholders nationwide. According to BoatU.S., loss estimates from storms exceeded $1.5 billion for private boats alone between August 2004 and October 2005.

The relationship with USPS is important to St. Paul Travelers. In order to ensure the USPS boat insurance program continues to be available and affordable, we have made every effort to make minimal adjustments. Upon careful analysis and research, we learned that the age of a vessel adversely impacts insurance losses more than any other criteria. This analysis uncovered that one-sixth of the program’s insureds represented 70 percent of the program’s losses. As a result, St. Paul Travelers discontinued wind coverage for vessels more than 10 years of age in the coastal and adjacent counties of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. St. Paul Travelers will continue to write windstorm-exposed business in coastal states, while routinely evaluating risk exposures and making adjustments as necessary.

For members with vessels more than 10 years of age in the counties listed above, the following options are available:

  • Liability only policy;

  • Navigation Warranty—Endorsement to existing policy stating that your vessel will not be kept below 35 degrees north latitude between 1 June and 15 Nov.; and

  • Named Storm Exclusion—Endorsement to existing policy stating no coverage for any named or numbered storm.
We remain committed to serving the boat and yacht industry for many years to come and providing USPS customers with the best insurance products on the market. To show our appreciation for your continued and future business, we have introduced a new contract that contains fewer exclusions and additional coverage terms. We are also offering USPS members more competitive pricing in the non-windstorm-exposed areas.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 732-205-9214.

Rick SalwayManaging Director, St. Paul Travelers Luxury Yachts