Wednesday, August 23, 2006

On-Board Amateur Radio Topic of New USPS Book

Raleigh, NC –“Marine Amateur Radio” authored by The United States Power Squadrons and published by McGraw-Hill. is now available on the shelves at bookstores and marine centers.

“For offshore, most mariners use single sideband high frequency marine radio,” said Walter Fields, editor of this guide and Chairman of Electro-Mechanical Systems for USPS. “Since amateur radio has more options, many mariners have chosen to get their licenses. This is the book to check out if you are an offshore boater and want to communicate”.

The USPS Guide walks through the exciting hobby and skills of amateur radio. It is written with the mariner in mind, but amateur radio is a broad field. This guide was written for all those interested in radio. The publication is also available from the Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL), which is a USPS partner organization.

The publication explains how to get involved in amateur radio and how to locate specific channels assigned to marine radio. Amateur radios can also be used for data connections, to send e-mail and data as well as voice. Fixed and mobile radios are described and information about shipboard installations often requiring special considerations, especially for the larger antennas required for communication within the amateur frequency band.

For mariners that venture beyond sight of shore and beyond VHF range, time reading the guide is time well spent especially if there is an urge to become an amateur radio operator and use the marine frequencies. This guide will show the way.
The guide can be purchased at any bookstore, marine centers or by contacting USPS at, or 1-888-FOR-USPS. (1.888.367.8777)